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The novices of Monteagudo live the first week of Easter soaking up art, culture and theology
18-04-2018 España
In the overflowing joy of Easter the sixteen Augustinian Recollect novices of Monteagudo (Navarra), accompanied by their Novice Master Wilmer Antonio Moyetones and Vice Master Juan Manuel RamĂ­rez Sixtos, lived with joy a special first week of Easter, full of emotions and experiences, abundant meetings and looking forward to the day of their religious profession.

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17-04-2018 Brasil Misiones
Jorge Luis Quiros (Tejar del Guarco, Cartago, Costa Rica, 1988) is an Augustinian Recollect religious who is now in one of the last stages of his initial training, which is a year of community and pastoral integration. This experience is taking place in the Brazilian Amazon, as he relates his intense experience.
13-04-2018 España
The Theological Institute of Religious Life (ITVR) organized the 47th National Week for Institutes of Consecrated Life with the motto "He called whom He wanted". It took place April 5th - 8th.
03-04-2018 Brasil Misiones
Itárica Zandonadi, María Josefina Casagrande and María Helena Petri, are the three well known religious sisters in the Amazonian mission and that have celebrated fifty years of consecrated life.
20-03-2018 Brasil Misiones
“I am Catholic, and I´m happy” is the title of the programa which the Augustinian Recollect Artenildo Alves directs on the local radio in Pauiní, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It is a place where the traditional mediums still fulfill an important role in local society because the technoligies of the Net are not yet fully developed.
14-03-2018 MĂ©xico Misiones
The Augustinian Recollect José Ricardo Magallanes (Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua, 1990) has been appointed director, and a new administrator and a spiritual director have been appointed, also religious, are incorporated into the lay management team that already has a long working experience in the project.
10-03-2018 Estados Unidos Misiones
During the first three months of 2018, this Parish of the Augustinian Recollects has celebrated special meetings for volunteers and parents, and supporting the Health of the uninsured or low-income individuals working with QueensCare Health Centers and its new Dental Unit.
07-03-2018 Costa Rica Misiones
Friar Bartolomé Buigues Oller, Amigonian from Alicante (Spain), has been named as the seventh bishop of the Diocese of Alajuela, in Costa Rica. San Casimiro has served the people of Costa Rica as a pastor for 23 years in the dioceses of Ciudad Quesada and Alajuela.
26-02-2018 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
The first ever recollect friars in Cuba arrived on the 17th of February to the region of Antilla. This religious community will be under the direct supervision and support of Father General´s office in Rome even though the friars belong to different provinces.
18-02-2018 España Misiones
The 127th Provincial Chapter of the Province of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine is scheduled to begin on May 14 in Marcilla (Navarra, Spain). Three months prior to the beginning of the Chapter, the prior provincial has sent a protocol letter to all the brothers, asking us to collaborate with reflection and ideas if we want this Chapter to be truly fruitful. The Augustinian-Recollect Family is called to prayer and to join spiritually in this moment of renovation and merger.
08-02-2018 Estados Unidos Misiones
In their "Tagaste Bulletin" in January, the Secular Fraternity, with its base in the Tagaste Monastery of Suffren (New Jersey, USA), informed its members about the Assembly of Religious and of its´ calendar of activities up until Easter.
04-02-2018 España Misiones
The congress "Saint Thomas of Villanova, postulated as Doctor of the Church" held in Valencia from January 23 to 25 counted with the participation of about a hundred people who have been able to know the dedication to the poor or the theological influence of the saint through the presentations of a dozen experts.
30-01-2018 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
Noe will be one of the four first friars in this Augustinian Recollect community in Cuba who will start their mission in February. We spoke with him about this new international and interprovincial mission that was accepted by the Order.
29-01-2018 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
He will be one of the four founders of the first Augustinian Recollect community in Cuba starting next February. We spoke with Noé Servín Franco about this new task assumed by the Order with an international and interprovincial stature.
28-01-2018 Estados Unidos Misiones
40 Augustinian Recollect religious of the United States convened by the Prior General and Provincials meet in assembly in Oxnard, California
27-01-2018 Estados Unidos Misiones
For the first time all the Priors of the 13 communities of Augustinian Recollects in the United States hold a common meeting. The communities belong to the two provinces that, in the next chapter, will be united according to the decisions of the General Chapter
18-01-2018 Estados Unidos Misiones
"The days of my life" is an autobiography which has just seen the light of day relating the life experiences and vocation of David Arias (born in Mataluenga, Leon, Spain in 1929). He is the emeritus auxiliary Bishop of Newark and has a large pastoral trajectory, particularly amongst the Latin population of the United States.
27-11-2017 Estados Unidos Misiones
This past 18th and 19th of November two retreats were carried out at the same time. The retreat is called “restless heart”, and forms part of the beginning of the evangelization process which ends with the forming of small ARY communities.
20-11-2017 Estados Unidos Misiones
The main concern of this course has been the continuous search to update and improve upon the promotion of vocations. It has taken place in Santa Ana, California with five religious implicated in this pastoral work in attendance.
12-10-2017 Estados Unidos Misiones
Augustinian Christology has been the main theme of the course, which has been carried out in the Saint Augustine Priory in Oxnard, California, led by the Augustinian Recollect Enrique Eguiarte, in which twenty-six members of the Augustinian Recollect family have taken part.
28-08-2017 Misiones
The Prior General Fray Miguel MirĂł MirĂł, on the occasion of the feast of St. Augustine, addresses to the entire Augustinian Recollect family a message made prayer and, citing Pope Francis, encourages everyone to reflect on his or her own live "the ideal of the first Christians, being living prophecy of communion in our world, so that there may not be division, no conflict nor exclusion, but that harmony reigns and dialogue may be promoted. "
27-08-2017 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
Venezuela, as is known by the international public opinion, is facing a serious crisis in which, in addition to weakening democratic institutions, the fundamental rights of its inhabitants have been severely affected.
02-08-2017 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
Last July 29th, Miguel Miro, prior general of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects, by is protocolized letter 163/2017, asked to the whole Augustinian Recollect Family an special effort to help the Venezuelan people, united by huge and strong roots to this religious Family. It is time to improve this union with a big signal of solidarity. This is the complete text of the letter.
27-06-2017 Otros PaĂ­ses Misiones
Bro. Tagoy Jakosalem belongs to the Order of Augustinian Recollects and is an artist and staunch advocate for the environment. In March last year, he received in Manila the first “Green Ring” award from former US vice president and Nobel laureate Al Gore, founder of the Climate Reality Project, with which he is also involved.
13-06-2017 Estados Unidos Misiones
From May 29 to June 2, 2017, 43 friars of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects in the United States celebrated five days of spiritual retreat, fraternal experiences and enforcement of the communion, guided by the father Michael DiGregorio (OSA).
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