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The Radio, protagonist of social improvement and evangelization in Pauiní

The Radio, protagonist of social improvement and evangelization in Pauiní
20-03-2018 Brasil
“I am Catholic, and I´m happy” is the title of the programa which the Augustinian Recollect Artenildo Alves directs on the local radio in Pauiní, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It is a place where the traditional mediums still fulfill an important role in local society because the technoligies of the Net are not yet fully developed.
The Community Asociation for Culture and Information in Pauiní (ACCIP) started the local radio emisor Cultural Radio Pauiní on the 19th of March 2016 for the 60th anniversary of this muncipality situated in the South-east of the Brazilian state of the Amazon. It is a zone which is difficult to get to, which makes communication very complicated, at least as it is done in the rest of the world.

Situated in the middle of the Amazon rainforest, and with rivers and riverflows as the main means of transport, unless we take into account the expensive air transport. In such a place the radio becomes an optimum medium for communication in this small municipality where the Augustinian Recollects work, and the most realistic way of reaching the homes of everyone.

Since its´ beginning this FM Radio has transmitted continually and has been able to achieve to progresivally improve its programming, which includes music and local information. Nonetheless, the first program which went on air was I am Catholic, and I´m happy,directed and presented by the Augustinian Recollect Artenildo Alves.

The program´s remit is to pray together with the listeners, as well as to educate and inform them about the activities and campaigns in the Parish of Saint Augustine in the Prelature of Lábrea run by the Augustinian Recollects, which in many and various ways carries out in this Municipality.

As a place and context for the mission, the labour of the Catholic Church has an important component here far beyond that of pastoral work as a place of social encounter and personal an community development. Particularly in such diverse matters such as the health of mothers and children, education, and protecting the rights of minors or even watching over powerful public authorities.

The program is transmitted three times a week at 11 o´clock. On Tuesdays and Wednesdays it has a time of an hour and a half, whilst on Saturdays it is for an hour.

The program itself is divided in three parts. In the first part a lively greeting is sent to all the communities and and neighbourhoods in the urban zones, with a particular affectivity for the rural communities who listen to local radio although phsically they are hours away by boat.

The part which people most wau for is the second part. In which they are invited to meditate and pray for life, for their families and the particular desires of the people most dear to them. At this point people call or send messages asking for particular needs, a prayer which unites many thanks to the marvel of radio.

There have been cases in which, afterwards, the family or person concerned who has asked for these prayers has gone to the Parish in order to give thanks to God, and to those who have given their aportation and their help from prayer through the medium of radio.

In the last part of the program there comes a series of announcements from the parish and a series of educational themes which are shared with all the community of listeners. Some days they invite people from the local communities so that they can share facts and opinions about different projects and campaigns.

In this third part, certain issues are explained and certain campigns are promoted like that of 24 hours for the Lord, and the Fraternity Campaign for 2018 titled “Fraternity and overcoming violence”. Or that Year of Laity which is celebrated in the Brazilian Churchor the Popular Missions which are pastoral proposals in the Prelature of Lábrea.

The music and the enthusiasm of the presenter accompany and weave together the unity of the three parts of the program.

Given that the pentration of the Internet in terms of quantity, quality and speed is still very limited, the traditional means of communication like television and radio still have an important role in the roots of local society.

The radio in this Amazon region is the fastest and most secure means of reaching families in the urban zones, where they don´t even count on permanent means of electricity. It also serves as way of reminding the inhabitants of the urban areas about all the timetables, activities and campaigns as well as being a motive for taking part.

And what do you think about this?

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