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CARDI celebrates 12 years of service to Mexican society by strengthening its management team

CARDI celebrates 12 years of service to Mexican society by strengthening its management team
14-03-2018 México
The Augustinian Recollect José Ricardo Magallanes (Ciudad Delicias, Chihuahua, 1990) has been appointed director, and a new administrator and a spiritual director have been appointed, also religious, are incorporated into the lay management team that already has a long working experience in the project.
Last Tuesday, March 6, the Integral Development Accompaniment and Recovery Center (CARDI), the social work of the Augustinian Recollects in the Doctores colonia of Mexico City, celebrated its twelfth anniversary in a climate of gratitude for the work done and confidence to continue in the future improving its services, support and tasks that are carried out for their beneficiaries.

CARDI fundamentally supports the relatives of the patients who are interned in the large public health centers of that region of the Mexican capital: the General Hospital, the Federico Gómez Children`s Hospital and the Century XXI Medical Center.

Given the centralization of the Mexican health system, especially in relation to more serious, rare diseases or very specific specialties, families from all over the country come to these centers, many of them already in a situation of low resources, with no history in Mexico City, without the support of acquaintances, and already living a previous ordeal, in search of good health care for their sick.

In addition, the long stays in the capital that many face, while the previous tests of diagnosis are examined, the therapies for which in many cases the patients remain hospitalized for weeks or even months, plus the subsequent visits of evaluation, they have labor, emotional and economic consequences for those families coming from abroad; and in those cases the patient has the right to bed, hygiene and food in the health center, but not his relatives who accompany him.

CARDI thus becomes an oasis for these families with its cafeteria services, secure area of rest, food stamps, dispensary of medicines at low cost, space for personal hygiene, laundry and, demonstrated in these twelve years of crucial importance for the families, therapeutic and spiritual help.

To carry out all these services, a volunteer program has been instituted, open to all of society, which favors human development and the subsequent social service of those who are interested and participate in workshops, conferences, courses and certification.

In this way, CARDI during these twelve years has become a safe area of ​​rest and support to many families who need help in many areas when one of their own is sick, and it affects the family.

At the same time, there have been hundreds of volunteers who have been trained and participate either in CARDI, or in many other works and social services, giving their time and effort to the improvement of society. In short, a direct response to the dehumanization and indifference to social needs too common in our time.

The Augustinian Recollect José Ricardo Magallanes was presented at the celebration of this twelfth anniversary as the new president of the project, and will form, together with the director of many years, Eduardo Carballido, the management team. This team also includes the Augustinian Recollects Víctor Mancera, in the area of ​​administration, and Omar Rosas, in the area of ​​spiritual direction.

The celebration concluded with a reception with all the volunteers, workers and Augustinian Recollect religious present, both from Hospitales, which is the community of reference for CARDI, as well as other parts of Mexico City.

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