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The novices of Monteagudo live the first week of Easter soaking up art, culture and theology
18-04-2018 España
In the overflowing joy of Easter the sixteen Augustinian Recollect novices of Monteagudo (Navarra), accompanied by their Novice Master Wilmer Antonio Moyetones and Vice Master Juan Manuel Ramírez Sixtos, lived with joy a special first week of Easter, full of emotions and experiences, abundant meetings and looking forward to the day of their religious profession.

17-04-2018 - 22-04-2018
México: Avante, CDMX. Vocational expedition.
20-04-2018 - 22-04-2018
España: Monachil (Granada). Permanent Training Days.
20-04-2018 - 22-04-2018
Costa Rica: Pozos de Santa Ana. Visit of renovation of the provincial vicar.
22-04-2018 - 29-04-2018
Familia Agustino-Recoleta. Vocational Week.
22-04-2018 - 29-04-2018
México: Ministerios de México y Costa Rica. Vocational Week.
España: Parroquia de Santa Rita, Madrid. Charity market of AyudaFortaleza (Helping Fortaleza).
Documents only in English
13-04-2018 Comunicaciones oficiales
Prot. SNT 56/2018
Fallecimiento de Fr. Fernando Torrecilla Gil [0.36 Mb]
05-04-2018 Canta y camina
Canta e Caminha 144: Onde não há Deus, não há vocação
Revista de divulgação do carisma agostiniano recoleto, número vocacional: o que é vocação, testemunhos de discernimento e acompanhamento, materiais para oficinas vocacionais… [5.36 Mb]
28-03-2018 Canta y camina
Canta y Camina 144: "Donde no cabe Dios, no cabe vocación".
Número dedicado a la cultura vocacional, con dinámicas vocacionales y testimonios. Además, segunda entrega de "San Agustín habla a los jóvenes". [5.49 Mb]
27-03-2018 Pastoral
Tras las huellas de Jesús. Pascua 2018
Textos oracionales para el día de Pascua de Resurrección y otras fiestas del tiempo pascual. [0.17 Mb]
17-04-2018 Brasil
Jorge Luis Quiros (Tejar del Guarco, Cartago, Costa Rica, 1988) is an Augustinian Recollect religious who is now in one of the last stages of his initial training, which is a year of community and pastoral integration. This experience is taking place in the Brazilian Amazon, as he relates his intense experience.
13-04-2018 España
The Theological Institute of Religious Life (ITVR) organized the 47th National Week for Institutes of Consecrated Life with the motto "He called whom He wanted". It took place April 5th - 8th.
03-04-2018 Brasil
Itárica Zandonadi, María Josefina Casagrande and María Helena Petri, are the three well known religious sisters in the Amazonian mission and that have celebrated fifty years of consecrated life.
20-03-2018 Brasil
“I am Catholic, and I´m happy” is the title of the programa which the Augustinian Recollect Artenildo Alves directs on the local radio in Pauiní, in the middle of the Amazon rainforest. It is a place where the traditional mediums still fulfill an important role in local society because the technoligies of the Net are not yet fully developed.
14-03-2018 México
10-03-2018 Estados Unidos
07-03-2018 Costa Rica
26-02-2018 Otros Países
Canal Tube
The art in the Church of Saint Rita in Madrid, Spain

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