The Romareda School celebrates the Augustinian week another year

The second week of November, within the framework of the All Saints' Day of the Order of Augustinian Recoletos, the Romareda de Zaragoza educational center carried out special dynamics and activities to publicize the life of Saint Augustine and some saints of the Order.
News | 2022 Nov 23

The Augustinian Recollect schools in Spain organize every year "the Augustinian week" during the month of November on the occasion of the "birthday of Saint Augustine", November 13th, which is also celebrated the liturgical feast of All Saints of the Order.

The Romareda School began its activities on Monday, November 7th. Children's students learned especially who made up the family of Saint Augustine with the help of the Augustinian primers made by the Augustinian University of Colombia. On the other hand, the Primary students played board games: the first cycle students (1st and 2nd of Primary) played a memory about the life of Saint Augustine and Saint Monica; Similarly, third cycle students (5th and 6th grade) played the traditional "who's who" game about the Augustinian Recollect saints; but the 3rd and 4th grade students dressed up as Augustinian Recollect saints and went through the Primary classes to present the life of the characters they were dressing up.

For ESO and Baccalaureate, an animated short was screened that deals with sacrifice, recalling the life of the martyrs, because many of the Augustinian Recollect saints gave their life in community, for example, the martyrs of Japan.

For yet another year, the catechesis of the Romareda College decided to join this week and worked in its sessions (Tuesday or Wednesday) on "the childhood of Saint Augustine”, highlighting his birth in Tagaste and the importance of valuing study as a gift from God.

The JAR ( Augustinian Recollect Youth) Madaura stage, which at the School takes shape with the "Restless Hearts" Club (for 5th and 6th grades of Primary), celebrated the birthday of Saint Augustine "breaking a heart-shaped piñata", made by themselves and emphasizing two Augustinian values: friendship and community.

Finally, on Friday, November 11th, there was a visit from four special people: Saint Augustine, Saint Monica, Saint Alipio and Saint Possidius. The Bishop of Hippo celebrated his birthday with the Infant students. First, the honoree addressed a few words of thanks to the children; later, he asked them to take care of their families, and finally, the children, excited, sang happy birthday to him. Nearly 225 Infant students said goodbye to the saint with a rocket made with gestures and sounds with the help of their teachers.

Later, the "Augustinian team" visited the 1st and 2nd grade groups in the assembly hall, where he revealed why he wears a heart arrowed with a flame of fire on his chest. The children prayed, sang and briefly listened to a few words from Augustine about his childhood. Also Monica and the saints Alipio and Posidio spoke to the children highlighting their relationship with the saint.

Finally, the "Agustinian team" went through all the primary and 1st ESO classes to give out heart-shaped sweets.

The Romareda School thanks the 4th ESO students (Juan, Teresa, Santi and Juan) for their service and availability to represent these saints.

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