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The three Spanish Recollect schools that the Province of St. Nicholas manage -San Agustín of Chiclana, San Agustín of Valladolid and Romareda of Zaragoza- have begun the new school year 2022-2023 with enthusiasm, but in a legislative panorama that suffers from a lack of definition and has not satisfied a wide sector of teachers.
News | 2022 Sep 21

After these vacations which teachers say went too fast and parents say they seemed eternal, the time came to return to school and face the daily struggles in certain subjects, homeworks, projects and tests.   

The controversial LOMLOE for the new academic year 2022-2023

To the difficulties that already come with a new school year, now we must add the implementation of new laws for schools, the LOMLOE, which is not even fully published and explained for most of the Autonomous Communities. As far as the aforementioned schools are concerned: the Autonomies of Andalusia and Castilla-León only have an initial draft; however, the one in Aragon does have it published, and educators know, more or less, what they have to abide by and what is being asked of them.

The LOMLOE educational law aims to help equip young people with the necessary competences to meet the demands of the global and digital world of today and tomorrow: to meet the demands of societal change. 

The LOMLOE, despite what is being said, it does not involve excessive changes. The underlying problem is that the previous law, which already required the implementation of so called "competence", was not properly developed, so now the educational centers are confused as they try defining the key competences formation for their students starting with methodological orientations for basic knowledge and its evaluation criteria.

Even though things are not clear, everyone is trying to give the best of themselves and ensuring that students leave well prepared for the working world which is awaiting.

We go down to “the educational arena”

Meanwhile, and oblivious to all this maelstrom of rules, laws and regulations, the students of the Augustinian Recollect schools of Zaragoza, Chiclana and Valladolid are starting their new school year with enthusiasm and their teachers are surviving this test of fire by just focusing on their mission with their students and doing it all with enthusiasm and great availability. But something different happens in the main offices with principals, counselors, and administrative staff who are overwhelmed by the excessive demands of organizing groups, spaces and the multiple requests of parents and students who may not be happy with the group assigned to them or with a certain class or activity.

Romareda School

The early bird of the three schools is Romareda who opened their doors first in the city of Zaragoza. It began classes on September 8 for the younger students and on the 12th for the rest.

This course has brought more students and it now counts with 1110. The emotions, the smiles and the enthusiasm to return to classes were obvious especially for the younger alumni. The older students were glad to meet up with their friends again.

This school year has some novelties in the Board of Directors. Indeed, the titular director of the school is Friar Roberto Sayalero, Augustinian Recollect Roberto, who replaces Fray Jesus Rada who served as such in the past four years. Roberto will work side by side with Marta Villanueva who has been the general director for the past seven years. There are also other directors in the different sections: Alejandro Pardina in Elementary, Miguel Angel, middle and high school.

We congratulate the sophomore students of EVAU 2022 passed their tests with excellent results. Likewise, it is hoped that in this school year the efforts of the entire educational community, students, parents and teachers will also achieve such good results.

San Agustín School in Valladolid

This school came next in opening their doors to elementary school students on the 9th while they the city was celebrating its patroness, Our Lady of San Lorenzo. Some of the little ones had the hardest time saying farewell to their parents on Monday before entering their classrooms, especially when they had their first day the past Friday; they knew what they had to return to and they didn’t want to leave home.

Junior High students started their classes on the 14th with little enthusiasm to go in the classrooms but more eager to be with their classmates. They adapt faster to their schedules, online books in their digital devices. High School students, especially seniors, also had to start their school year with the pressure of knowing they must do their best to go on to their university studies after this year.

San Agustin School in Chiclana

The last of the three Recollect schools to resume their new school year adventure was San Agustin in Chiclana. The feast of the Our Lady of los Remedios, celebrated September 8 obligated all to start school until the 12th. The parents brought the younger students to the school yard for an emotional event.

After the motto of the year was pronounced and explained by Mrs. Irene Rodriguez, the school principal, followed by more words shared by the Augustinian Recollect, Juan Luis Gonzalez, the new titular director who will also work in Valladolid due to the illness of Javier Marcilla, Augustinian Recollect. Classes started immediately after some words from the president of AMPA and Gonzalo, the principal, and the opening prayer which was prepared by the Pastoral Team.

The ESO students began classes on the 15th with a similar event. They did show the same enthusiasm and the younger students as they gathered with their group tutors to begin a new school year that will quickly pass and end in June. The inaugural celebration of the Holy Mass with all the students took place on September 16. The final blessing marked the official beginning of the new school year.

May this year’s motto “All together” inspire and help build a true Augustinian Recollect climate in all the three schools, and may advance in the way of wisdom, order and peace.


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