Annual fellowship of the Secular Fraternity of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of Costa Rica

September 10th, the feast of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine, was the day designated to have the annual meeting of the Augustinian-Recollect Secular Fraternity of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of Pozos de Santa Ana, Costa Rica.
News | 2022 Sep 17

For the Secular Fraternity each meeting is a feast, but the one that takes place annually is the most anticipated, and this year's, in particular. Fifteen days before the meeting two fraternal sisters, the youngest, Alexandra Serrano and Juliana Umaña, were in charge of organizing this event. The youth, with fresh ideas, energy and dynamism, managed, through the WhatsApp group, generated competitions by groups to which they assigned colors. The games of each day were digital: Competence of skills, observation and general culture. The winner groups were accumulating points that would be awarded on the day of the meeting. An active dynamic that was excited the participants and filled with enthusiasm for the big day. The physical encounter began at nine o'clock in the morning putting in the hands of the Lord the activity between laughter, hugs and the joy of the encounter.

During the morning the group competitions continued. Music is contagious, it has no age, and that was how the elders were the ones who exhibited their skill with fine steps to the sound of music. Table time, among anecdotes, was also very special. The meal was attended by the spiritual assistant, Friar Víctor González. The meal was followed by a short break.

The afternoon came with surprises of different kinds, among them, a special guest, Billy Masís, Catholic preacher and singer-songwriter, Radio announcer Fides Costa Rica. Billy took the participants to an encounter with the Inner Master. Their talk, combined with their testimony of life and the music of praise, led the group to realize the multiple gifts they have received as members of the Augustinian Recollect Family, and the importance of thanking, something very forgotten in our society today.

At the end of the afternoon, between shouts, the piñata that bore the logo of the Fraternity exploded. All on the floor like children shared their multi-colored sweets. Each one with his little bag recalled the years of childhood that they relived in this interesting fraternal meeting.

Surprises from beginning to end, because, when nothing was expected, the Masquerade arrived, which is a band of musicians typical of the folklore of the cantons and towns of Costa Rica. The Masquerade is characterized by being made up only of wind and percussion instruments, and the dancers are giant dolls that represent different characters. Incredibly, no one stopped jumping, dancing and how one of the organizers expressed it...!

This day was not only Alexandra and Juliana but it was everyone, like a great team, who came together to laugh, play, dream, create.

The Secular Fraternity of St. Ezekiel Moreno is alive.

See you until the next meeting to continue walking together.


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