The rural communities of Pauini prepare the Assembly of the Prelature of Labrea and receive training in citizenship.

From July 19th to 23rd, a team of five people visited some of the riverside communities located upstream of the Purus River from the municipal headquarters, with the aim of sharing knowledge and experiences, praying and celebrating faith, and meeting to prepare the great ecclesial and social events of the coming months.
News | 2022 Jul 28

The next few months are full of important appointments on the agenda of the communities of the Prelature of Labrea, in the Brazilian Amazon; some of an ecclesial nature, such as the celebration of the Assembly of the Prelature or the Synod of Synodality; others of a social nature, such as general elections.

The articulation of the small communities on the banks of the rivers in the Saint Augustine Parish of the Amazonian municipality of Pauini occurs with the support, guidance and accompaniment of the Church. Not surprisingly, these base communities have an atmosphere of celebration, management and decision-making around the idea of ​​Christian community and "family of families".

The Parish tries to integrate as much as possible even taking into account three factors that become a real challenge, one of them causes and the other two consequences of the same fact: the very long distances that can only be traveled by river and, therefore, at the expense of the situation of the rivers according to the annual cycle of dry or wet periods; and, due to this distance, the time required to save for these visits and the considerable cost of these visits, given the expense they generate in fuel, food for several days…

From July 18th to 23rd , a visit was made to the communities of Santo Elias, Vitória, Boca de Teuiní and Aldeia São Benedito. The program in all cases was simple: arrival in the community, dialogue with the leaders, training meeting and celebration meeting. Around 70 people have participated in total in these meetings.

The team, made up of five people and coordinated by the parish priest, the Augustinian Recollect Joseph Shonibare, has presented various materials and promoted dialogue in small rural communities. Among the topics discussed were the XIV Assembly of the Prelature of Labrea, which will take place in January 2023 in the city of Tapauá with the title of "Purus: life and mission in the beloved Amazon".

Synodality is another of the topics that are discussed, in the ecclesial context of the Synod on Synodality, which will take place in 2023 throughout the Catholic Church.

Finally, in October 2022 elections will be held in Brazil. For this reason, the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil (CNBB) has published an orientation booklet for voters and has launched the project "Enchanting politics".

The Parish of Pauini has ​​wanted to take this campaign to the last corners, which tries to form the conscience of the voter with a critical reading of reality and an approach to active citizenship. The final inspiration is found in three basic documents of the ecclesial magisterium of Pope Francis: Evangelii Gaudium, Laudato Si’ and Fratelli tutti.

The text deals with politics from the perspective of the commandment of love and social ethics. In addition, topics related to the active exercise of politics are addressed, such as the use of false news, the dangers that democracy faces today, the need for social control of political power, co-responsibility and the comprehensive defense of human dignity. It is part of the comprehensive evangelization of any people.

On October 2nd and 30th , the first and second rounds will be held respectively to elect the president of the Republic, state governors, federal, state and district senators and deputies.

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