37 young people receive the sacrament of Confirmation in the Parish of Saint Rita in Madrid

In the middle of the afternoon of June 12th, the Solemnity of the Holy Trinity, 37 young people, after a long catechetical preparation, received the gift of the Holy Spirit in the parish church of Saint Rita in Madrid, completely filled with relatives and friends of the confirmands. Don Juan Carlos Merino, Vicar of Vicariate VII, to which this Parish belongs, was the confirming minister.
News | 2022 Jun 17

As the vicar, who presided over the celebration, said, "this celebration is an ecclesial event, but also of the Saint Rita Parish, which is a Church", since it will certainly be difficult for such a high number of young people to be confirmed in a single celebration. Of the 37 confirmed, 22 are adolescents-young people from the groups that have carried out the entire catechetical process in the Parish; 10 are young adults who have also received adequate catechesis in the Parish; and five are young Chinese, from the Chinese chaplaincy in Madrid, who receive pastoral care in Saint Rita.

Don Juan Carlos Merino was accompanied in the celebration by the parish priest Alberto Moreno, Marciano Santervás, Pablo Jian Yong Xin, in charge of the Chinese in the Parish, Alfonso Dávila, coordinator of the catechesis, and Antonio Antón, who was in charge of the good order in the ceremony.

The mass began with a striking entrance procession, because it was made up of all the confirmands, the concelebrating priests and a cohort of Chinese altar boys. The confirmands, elegantly attired; the altar boys, with their particular clothing; the priests, beautifully equipped with their matching chasubles.

The rites of the Eucharist began and proceeded as usual.

To make the Chinese colony feel more involved, especially the older Chinese, they sang the responsorial psalm accompanied by the organ in their own language.

When the rite of confirmation arrived, the coordinator of catechesis took charge of the call to the confirmands; the parish priest asked the vicar for “confirmation” for the group and informed the vicar that all 37 candidates had received the appropriate catechesis.

In an interesting and well-constructed homily, Juan Carlos Merino presented to the confirmands -but also to everyone- that the human being is a born seeker, but that God always takes the initiative, seeking the same man first. "Today it is he who has called you by your name and you have responded 'here I am', or present". It is He who wants to give you the truth that you desire: the Spirit of Truth. With the light of this Spirit, you will understand that the important thing is not what you do, or what you have, or what you feel, or even what you are, but the decision you make in life.

To receive the sacrament of Confirmation on this solemnity of the Most Holy Trinity is to receive the love of God, which has been “poured into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us”. With this love received, we must know how to bring hope to a hopeless world, we must be witnesses of the love received in the environment in which we move.

After the homily, each confirming with his or her godfather or godmother approached the catechists -Lucía, María José, Fuensanta and Virginia-, who presented a lighted candle, to light their own and proceed to the previous "renunciations" and profession of faith. at the culminating moment of the sacrament: the laying on of hands with the prayer formula and the chrismation that they received one by one, accompanied by their respective godfather or godmother.

In the prayer of the faithful, some of the confirmed raised their petitions to the Lord for the most diverse needs.

After the presentation of offerings carried by four young people, the mass went through the normal celebration channels.

At the end of the Mass, celebrants and confirmed posed for the required photo. Cameras and a multitude of cell phones prepared to take a souvenir image of the moment.

The temple full of faithful gradually emptied to let other parishioners enter the church to participate in the 7:00 p.m. mass.

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