St. Nicholas Intramuros • A generous dedication to the Church and the Philippines

The Province of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine presents a new documentary about the community of Saint Nicholas Intramuros in Manila, Philippines, mother house of the Province between 1608 and 1945, the year of its destruction during the Battle of Manila of World War II.
News | 2021 Jun 28

The Commission of Communication and Publications of the Province of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine of the Order of Augustinian Recollects presents a new documentary video within the framework of the IV Centenary (1621-2021) of this religious Province.

It has wanted to present in particular at the end of this month of June, dedicated in a special way in the programming of this IV Centenary to the presence of the Province in the Philippines,the country where it was born and that was its only vital horizon until 1898.

Saint Nicholas Intramuros  well deserved this tribute, and not only as a physical place now disappeared that for almost 340 years served as a bridge of command and mother house of the Province; but, above all, as a human community that has left for posterity great examples of Augustinian-Recollects consecrated life that today we recognize in the form of saints, martyrs, bishops, missionaries, scientists or linguists.

On the other hand, its end had martyrdom tinges with the murder of the last six inhabitants of the convent, and a last surprise full of hope and light after so much torment and violence.

For the elaboration of the video has had the collaboration of the General Archive of the Order of Augustinian Recollects in Rome, the Provincial Archive of the Province of San Nicolás de Tolentino in Marcilla (Navarra, Spain), with the Recollect Museum of Quezon City (Metro Manila, Philippines), the Museum and the Augustinian-Recollect community of Marcilla (Navarra, Spain) and the Museum and the Augustinian-Recollect community of Monteagudo (Navarra, Spain).

The script, editing, editing and direction has been carried out by the Committee on Communication and Publications. The recording of images has been carried out by this same Commission and the Recoletos Museum in Quezon City, and in other cases through images obtained from different YouTube channels, mostly from historical or tourist interests.

The soundtrack has also been picked up from suitable YouTube channels that offer royalty-free music. All these sources (image and sound) are thanked for their contribution in the end credits.

The voiceover has been recorded in Spanish(Ricardo Mediavilla,Madrid, Spain), English (Mark Renacia,Madrid, Spain) and Brazilian Portuguese (CarlosMagno Gomes da Silva and Amanda Bruna Figueiredo da Costa,Manaus, Amazonas, Brazil), so the video is available in full in all three languages from the day of its premiere.

With a duration of half an hour, the video has four main chapters. In the first two the viewer enters a kind of "time machine" to know the details and the physical space of both the temple of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine of Intramuros and the convent where the community resided, whose functions were of provincial curia and command center, novitiate and house of formation, nursing and rest space for the missionaries of the islands and place of a great and constant pastoral attention, although it was never a parish.

In the next chapter the documentary focuses on the human community, so the viewer is presented with the main characters who passed through Intramuros and the legacy they left to history, to Augustinian-Recollect spirituality, to Philippine culture and society, to the Church. Among them are saints, martyrs, bishops, missionaries, writers, philologists, geographers, musicians... And, above all, generations and generations of anonymous religious who left their lives, commitment, vocation and effort in the evangelization and social progress of the Philippines.

The last chapter pays a special tribute to the last six religious who inhabited Intramuros and who were killed by Japanese troops while the house was reduced to ruins; a final martyrdom surrender that well summarizes and condenses the surrender of the around two thousand Augustinian Recollects who passed through Intramuros throughout its more than three centuries of history.

The video is now available on the YouTube channel of the Province of San Nicolás de Tolentino of the Order of Augustinian Recollects.

Spanish version (Spain):

Portuguese version (Brazil)

English version (Philippines):

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