From Rio Branco, an Amazonian city in Brazil, Bishop Joaquín Pertiñez shared a virtual talk with many participants.

The Secretariat of Missions -Spain section- within the commemorative events of the Fourth Centenary of the Province of St. Nicholas of Tolentine, programmed three telematic meetings with the Augustinian Recollect missionary bishops of this Province. The second of these meetings took place on October 13 and had on the screen Archbishop Joaquín Pertiñez, Bishop of Rio Branco, capital of the Brazilian state of Acre.
News | 2020 Oct 20

At 6.30 p.m., the bishop and the two organizers of this meeting, the Recollect Friars Alberto Moreno andRafael Mediavilla. Friars were able to join the live meeting in Monteagudo, Zaragoza, Valladolid, New York, and some twenty lay people from Mexico, Costa Rica, and Spain.

After the main presentation done by Archbishop Joaquín, Friar Alberto Moreno asked the bishop somequestions. Here are some of Monsignor Joaquin's answers:

  • I recommend any young person wanting to be an Augustinian Recollect Friar to be willing to leave their land and expand their horizons and their hearts and minds by having contact with the needs that exist in the rest of the world. We must think as a “Universal Church", knowing that there are many other different projects attending the need of the people of God. "Going where the Church needs" became a famous slogan within the Augustinian Recollects, meaning we are always open to what is new in our mission guided by the Holy Spirit. Always aware it is all God’s work and not ours.
  • In response to a question, the Augustinian Recollect, Juan Luis González Ríos, dedicated some words to the young people at our schools inviting them to know the needs that exist in other parts of the world, and value all the different cultures while valuing their educational opportunities, the material things others don’t have and even the food over their table. “It is important we open our mind and heart to give thanks for what we have”.

During the talk, we were able to sense how proud Friar Joaquín Pertíñez is to be presenting himself as an "Augustinian Recollect" everywhere he is present.

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