Volkswagen Navarra and Berriozar City Council workers support Labrea water and sanitation project

The Tu Salario Solidario Foundation has contributed almost 10,000 euros, while the local entity has granted almost 2,000. All this will serve for the construction of three septic pits and five bathrooms in the Terra Solidária district of the Amazon locality.
News | 2020 Jul 24

The Tu Salario Solidario Foundation has granted a total of 9,900.12euros – 100% of the requested – to the NGOD La Esperanza, a member of the Augustinian-Recollect ARCORES International Solidarity Network.  With which four new bathrooms will be completed in as many homes and two septic tanks, within the water and sanitation macro project that takes place in the terra Solidária neighborhood in the town of  Lábrea (46,069 inhabitants), in theBrazilian state of Amazonas..

In turn, the Berriozar City Council in its annual appeal for development aid and international cooperation has also granted 1,848.41 euros that will be applied in the construction of another septic tank and the co-financing of a bathroom in another of the households.

So far, 34 bathrooms are fully built and delivered in as many homes and 18 septic pits (each pit is attached to two bathrooms/homes). Over the next few months there will be the construction of 12 more bathrooms and 8 pits thanks to these agreements with various local entities and NGFs such as Tu Salario Solidario..

The neighborhood of Terra Solidária has 103 social homes for low or very low-income families, coming from an earlier social housing project; through a macro project carried out as a new intervention on site, all these families receive water without restrictions in optimal quantity and quality for all their needs.

The next step, which is in operation, wants to ensure hygiene and sanitation infrastructure through new bathrooms in all houses. These bathrooms are built next to the houses with top quality and long-lasting materials and feature a shower, sink and toilet.

Each two baths/homes are attached to a septic tank that filters and sanitize water before it is returned to Nature, avoiding sewage, puddles and permanent and smelly moisture where children can acquire diseases when playing and polluting underground currents.  

Together with the project, the local population receives training on how to keep optimal maintenance of the new infrastructures, their most appropriate use, and the prevention of diseases through proper hygiene and, finally, they are empowered socially through a local Association.  

Volkswagen Navarra workers and suppliers

Tu Salario Solidario is a non-profit NGO created by a motivated group of workers at the Volkswagen plant Landaben(Navarra, Spain), a plant that produces an average of 300,000 vehicles per year of the Polo and T-Cross models.

After its creation, many workers from Volkswagen Navarra and its providers have joined the effort with part of theirpayrolls are also collaborating, members of civil society, family, friends, acquaintances... They want these actions to be global in nature and focus on areas of special attention or developing locations.

For each project Tu Salario Solidario presents to its members and collaborators all the necessary information, as in the case of the Terra Solidária  water and sanitation project carried out by the Prelature de Lábrea and the Augustinian Recollects in the Brazilian Amazon.

Permanent appreciation

This is not the first time that both entities have granted assistance to the NGOD La Esperanza. Thus, the Tu Salario Solidario Foundation  awarded in 2012 a total of 2,863 euros for a social housing project in  Guaraciaba  del Norte (Ceará, Brazil).

For its part, the City Council of  Berriozar  granted in the 2019 budget the same amount as now for the terra Solidária water and sanitation project, and in 2013 it also supported the guaraciaba  do Norte social housing project. .

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