"No living man can stop me!"

Pope Francis and many other Pastors of the Church have invited believers to pray in this critical situation on the occasion of the Crown-virus these days. The Pope himself has given us a prayer addressed to Mary. We present the prayer with a brief comment.
Alfonso J. Dávila Lomelí, OAR Pastoral | 2020 Mar 16

This brilliant phrase is from Tolkien from his most famous book, "Lord of the Rings. " She is in one of the most epic battles of the adventure, in the scene in which we have the Daughter of the King Oowyn and her Father, the King Oowyn wounded by the Lord of the Nazgol  – a seemingly immortal creature–. The king's daughter wants to help her father.  She stands in front of the villain to stop him from killing her father. He says:

"Prevent me! Me? You are crazy. No living man can stop me!"

Then she said:

"I'm no, man! What your eyes see is a woman [...] Get out of here if you're not an immortal creature! alive or dark spectrum, I'll pierce you with my sword if you touch him."


We're living in very troubled days. Days where – even if the sun rises – it seems as if we were fighting a battle, in which the world is fighting something that is much higher thanes. The enemy is – clearly – the  Coronavirus.

His Holiness, Pope Francis, for days has asked the world to pray for this disease, asks us to entrust ourselves to Our Lady, to the Mother of Jesus, to the ever-Virgin Mary, to the Mother of Divine Love.


One of the primary measures and recommendations to prevent the spread of COVID-19  is very simple: Wash your hands! Some experts recommend singing happy birthday. But what if I proposed something else?

I propose you to wash your hands consciously, as suggested by Mindfulness. As Christians, Santa Teresa de Avila offered to her nuns that when they arrived at the chapel, they would make the sign of the Cross. But that when they were cross oneself, they did not do it in a hurry and run, but who thought and –slowly – said the name of the three people of the Trinity. I propose that as long as you wash your hands, pray with the prayer that Pope Francis introduced to the Church. You can stick it in the mirror of your bathroom. It's this:

Oh, Mary,
You always shine on our way
as a sign of salvation and hope.

We trust you, Health of the sick,
that on the cross you were associated with the pain of Jesus,
keeping your faith steady.

You, Salvation of the Roman people,
you know what we need
and we're sure you'll grant it

So that, as in Cana of Galilee,
turn the joy and the party
after this test.

Help us, Mother of Divine Love,
to conform to the will of the Father
and do what Jesus will tell us

He who took our suffering upon himself
and took away our pains
to guide us through the cross,
to the joy of the resurrection. Amen.


Under your protection, we seek refuge Holy Mother of God.


not our petitions in our necessities, but deliver us always from all dangers. O glorious and blessed Virgin.

Prayer takes a little over twenty seconds – which experts recommend should last the grooming of our hands –. Remember to wash each of your fingers, palms thoroughly and take advantage to ask Our Mother to protect us at this time, perhaps it is true what Tolkien wrote and against this evil  ¡No living man can do anything!! Maybe we need the help of a brave woman and courage Our Lady has proven.

Cheer up, take care of us, don't forget to wash your hands, and pray!

Alfonso J. Dávila Lomelí, OAR

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