APAE Labrea: An association to support people with special needs and with a low income.

A wheel chair, medication, psychological therapy, hospice accompaniment, school tutoring: These are all things that may be easily accessible in other parts of the world but are not in Labrea (Amazons, Brazil). The most vulnerable have been isolated from public or private help. A non profit association wants to respond to these needs together with the help of the Church and the Augustinian Recollect mission in Labrea.
News | 2019 Dec 27

The Parents and Friends of Labrea Exceptionals Association (APAE Labrea) meet regularly at the Dom Florentino Community Center since its creation in November of 2018 in Our Lady of Fatima parish in the Labrea Prelature.

Thanks to the local church, they have this space to meet and plan their activities in favor of special needs minors belonging to low income communities.

It is difficult and always expensive for low income families to afford any type of psychological therapy, education or training and be part of the work force of society. The culture itself is not inclusive and lacks the knowledge to offer support as simple as a wheelchair or train caregivers that will help special needs people recover their dignity.

Over her desk you can see a pile of filled forms pertaining to children with urgent needs and Antônia Honorato Cardoso, of APAE Labrea, talks about the families with a special needs child:

“Our dreams are as simple as having a wheelchair for everyone who is unable to leave their home to socialize. Families hide them from society and now our goal is to make this reality public to society and encourage everyone to attend these families’ needs”.

Bishop Santiago Sanchez and the pastor, Miguel Angel Peralta, came to the association’s Christmas party. The children wanted to take pictures with Fr. Miguel Angel since he looked a lot like Santa Claus with his white beard.

APAE Labrea offers social, education, health, and work assistance. It is there to promote and defend the rights of vulnerable children and making culture, sports, recreation and schooling inclusive for them.

It was to have guide and support the families with special needs children and accompany them in their search for resources to offer a greater quality of life to their children.      

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