Promises Renewal and acceptance of new brothers and sisters in the St. Ezekiel Moreno Agustinian Recollect Secular Fraternity.

Thirty-two brothers and sisters and eleven candidates got together on October 26th at the St. Ezekiel Moreno formation house to celebrate their patron saint, Magdalene of Nagasaki. The fraternity members renewed their promises and the new candidates initiated their formation.
News | 2019 Nov 03

The St. Ezekiel Moreno Augustinian Recollect Secular Fraternity in Pozos de Santa Ana, San Jose, Costa Rica, came together for three reasons: to celebrate the feast day of their patron saint Magdalene of Nagasaki, to joyfully renovate the promises that officially made them fraternity members in the years past, and to welcome eleven new candidates that are to start their formation in preparation to making their own promises in the Recollect Fraternity.

María Eugenia Gutierrez gave start to the ceremony by welcoming all those present and presenting the new spiritual director for the fraternity, Fr. Victor Gonzalez, Augustinian Recollect and superior of the house. This news was received with much joy since this friar has witnessed much of the history of the fraternity. Everyone sang Roberto Carlos’ song “Amigo”: “You are my friend, my soul brother”.    

The renovation of promises was made by the already fraternity members followed by the admittance of the new members which are:

Patricia Loria Beeche, Walter Chaves Olivares, Ana Yanci Miranda Ordóñez, María de los Ángeles Arias Rivera, Cecilia Castillo Masis, José Alcides Chaves Murillo, María del Carmen, Arroyo Carvajal, Diego Zúñiga Agüero, Astrid Carvallo, Marian Arroyo Vásquez and Gisela Quesada Núñez. To each the “one heart in God” cross was given.

It was a festive afternoon because of so many occasions to celebrate on this feast day of St. Magdalene of Nagasaki, hymns allusive to our saint and the Order were sung, food and refreshments were shared together with a heart shaped cake symbolizing the fraternal unity.

Memorable moments in the history of this twenty-three year old fraternity were projected on a screen.

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