The great feast of Saint Ezekiel Moreno 2019 in Bacolod, Negros

The Monastery of the Augustinian Recollect Nuns in Bacolod, Negros, Philippines, whose patron is Saint Ezekiel Moreno, became a pilgrimage place for people, especially of the sick. They believe that through our prayers and the intercession of St. Ezekiel, the Lord will hear their prayers or they will experienced healing. The Nuns explain how was the Feast.
News | 2019 Aug 22

The devotion & feast of saint Ezekiel Moreno is becoming popular in the Philippines, particularly in Negros Island where our Monastery of the Augustinian Recollects Nuns is located. He is protector against illnesses, especially of cancer. He lived among the Philippine for 15 years as an Augustinian Recollect Missionary and set his foot in Negros Island because of his treatment with his fellow Recollects in Talisay.

Many sick people and their families are asking for our prayers not just from within the city but across the Archipelago and across the ocean due to the modern technology & Internet.

Praying for the sick especially of cancer and those afflicted by pestilence like dengue became our “new mission” as Contemplative Nuns. Our beloved Country is plagued these days by “dengue fever” that killed several people. It creates fear particularly of the students or young people.

Many believe that Our presence and prayers ease their fear and pain. It assure them that someone are praying for them. That’s why not just praying for them but we also organized Free Medical Mission to our poor neighbors (Sponsored by Riverside Hospital Medical Center) and gift giving (rice, noodles , can goods and free medicines and vitamins) to our patients.

This year we have 40 patients for Minor Surgery, Major Surgery which will be done in the Sponsored Hospital, many pedia patients due to cough & colds.

Our Novena & feast is organized and Sponsored by a Group of generous people whom they called themselves “Friends of Saint Ezekiel”. These people prepared breakfast for Everyday’s Celebrants, Choir and some visitors.

A good friend of the Community who owned a Restaurant sponsored our fiesta lunch good for 500 persons. They are also in charged of the Flower decoration in the Chapel and in the Multi Purpose where people gathered after the Mass to meet & greet the Nuns as well as to take breakfast.

The Novena was opened by the father Provincial of the Province of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of the Order of the Augustinian Recollects, Dionisio Selma, OAR together with Jose Teodulfo Jadulco, OAR & Fr. Randy Castillo, OAR as Concelebrants. Assisting them were Fray Jazzy Jeff V. Montanez, OAR (Theologian).

Other three Celebrants are Prior of our three OAR Houses here in Negros. Two Celebrants from Two Seminaries together with their Seminarians as Choir. One is the Prior from the Order of Saint Augustine. Together with him are three members of his Community. One Celebrant is a Diocesian Parish Priest.

Our present Bishop Patricio Buzon, SDB, celebrated Mass with us on the eve of the feast due to prior appointment or schedules on the 19th.

The Feast day main Celebrant were Bishop Emeritus Vicente M. Navarra. There are 10 Concelebrants during the Feast Day. One of them is the Prior Provincial Secretary of the Province of Saint Ezekiel Moreno of the Augustinian Recollects, Fr. Jose Ernil Almayo, OAR.

We invited different Choirs for different days; same with Students from different Schools as Sponsors. Inviting Choirs and students are our way of evangelizing our Catholic faith, promoting the devotion to Saint Ezekiel and means of vocation promotion. We have Healing Prayer & Veneration of the Saint’s relic every after the Mass.

The homilies of our different main celebrants are centered on the latest Apostolic letter of Pope Francis addressed especially to the Youth. The document Christus Vivit is very timely for us Filipino because We are now celebrating the year of the Youth with the theme: Philippino Youth in mission: beloved… Gifted.. and empowered!

The year of the Youth is declared by the Bishops Conference (CBCP) in connection with our preparation to our great Jubilee Celebration, the 500th Year of our Christian Faith brought to us by the Spanish Missionaries on 2021.

Attending the Novena and feast is our expression of honoring & thanking Saint Ezekiel for interceding to our needs and intentions. Many devotees come to take part in the celebration. As we concluded our Novena and Feast, we pray that many people may continue to follow his footstep to sanctity. Embraced the Priestly, Religious and Contemplative life especially in our Order.

For us Nuns, the Novena & feast is like touching lives & souls through prayers & presence! May the seed of grace & prayers goes beyond the wall of our Monastery and landed to all people who needed the most.

Saint Ezekiel Moreno… Pray for us!

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