Pauini, a community of hope for a better future

A video produced by the Romareda College of Zaragoza and carried out with the collaboration of volunteer actors in the base community and the Hope Center of Pauini (Amazonas, Brazil), shows the change it produces in people adopting the community’s preferential values for their lives.
News | 2018 Nov 30

The parish of Saint Augustine of Pauini (Amazonas, Brazil) and the Romareda School of Zaragoza (Aragón, Spain) just presented a new video that narrates, with real life examples, the changes produced in people their integration into community life and the experience of Gospel values in everyday life.

The Augustinian Recollects work at Pauini (Amazonas, Brazil) since 1949. Since then, its mission has been to spread the Gospel values bathed by the charism of this religious family, in which the community has an important reference. community value is the central axis of the pastoral and social activities. In addition, in the colleges of the Augustinian recollect family around the world, the 2018-2019 calendar year, centers in community values for its pastoral and social activities.

For this reason, the Romareda College donated the necessary equipment so that students could learn how the experience of community life has changed real lives of persons who experience difficult moments in the Mission of Labrea (Amazon, Brazil). Aided by a volunteer with strong professional Television ties and at the same time with strong ties to the Augustinian Recollect Family, thus emerging this production: "Pauini, building community".

The video shows some of the characteristics that make the life of the inhabitants of the Amazon so special: rural emigration, the lack of job and training opportunities, isolation, chemical dependencies and all the consequences of their drug traffic and poverty. The witnesses of that harsh reality tell the camera how the experience of Community life has changed their lives.

Through its own charism, the Augustinian Recollect Family in the Amazon Mission of Labrea has planted for almost 100 years now the experience of community life as one of their main goals of its pastoral and social work.

The video shows how the creation of base Communities has allowed many people not only to live their faith in a more ingrained way, but also has allowed important social improvements in areas such as health, education, child care and youth or infrastructure.

You can also see the work of the Hope Center, a semi-professional training institution that allows local adolescents to learn to feed themselves and acquire tools and values ​​to overcome the difficulties of their families in the society in which they live.

The various testimonies are real; although volunteers from the Base Communities and the Esperanza Center of Pauini narrate the video in first person, it gives voice to many of their fellow citizens who go through serious difficulties.

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