Recoletos in “Mons Dei”, 23rd edition of The Ages of Man in Aguilar de Campoo

Augustinian Recollect friars from the Saint Augustine House in Las Rozas (Madrid, Spain) and other communities in Madrid visited this annual exhibition of the Church in Castile and Leon, dedicated in 2018 to the spiritual and experiential vision of the Mountains.
News | 2018 Oct 24

Two things are necessary for a community of religious to enjoy a perfect trip to Aguilar de Campoo. The ability to suspend all the surging tasks of community life and the availability to let the spirit of brotherhood takes its course. Fortunately, we were able to secure both concerns, thus, the beauty of Aguilar de Campoo never stopped to amaze us from the moment we entered its magical gate.

Going there as early as 8 o’clock in the morning was a perfect time to glimpse the early autumn sun and be embraced by the cold yet crisp air of the northern Spain. At first the endless highways and the brown country fields were just unexciting. But beyond the pain of waiting to arrive at our awaited destination was the joy to finally witness the incredible sight of the place.

Fr. Javier Legarra, who introduced us to all the historical sights around the place, told us that Aguilar de Campoo, a 5 hours ride from Madrid, is also called the city of cookies due to the fact that in the recent decades 90 percent of the cookies circulated around Spain are made from this place. Moreover, apart from the mouth-watering cookies, Aguilar the Campoo is also famous for its Romanesque architecture. Their old houses and stone built churches are the concrete reminders of the old strong resilient Palencian town of Castile. It was once called the Royal Town of Palencia through the declaration of Alfonso X in 1255.  No wonder it is settled with castles, monasteries and medieval houses.

By lunch, we headed to  Parque Infantil La Isla situated right at the middle of Pisuerga River. It was the time to cast our sight on the food brother Alberto Eraña had prepared for us and feed our hungry stomachs while enjoying the majestic view of the river where we saw few fisher folks throwing their hooks at the bank of the river. We wanted to join them but we were so busy digging our food and satisfying our bellies. Though there is always a place for the next time.

On the way home we passed by Frómista, the place of miracle. True enough, the beauty of the place has enchanted every visitor and pilgrim who may traverse for a sight seeing or for a pilgrimage to Santiago. The church of San Martin that stood the test of time is one of the best testaments of the place.

The trip to Aguilar de Campoo was not just an adventure for soul-searching tourists like this band of religious brothers but a formative foundation that foments strongly in every religious journey that we will take.

Grateful for the unforgettable experience we thank Fr. Rafael Mediavilla for always inviting us. Who would have thought that we would be able to visit these places as gratis? It is like nobody had thought, except Fr. Legarra, that Aguilar de Campo is the place of cookies? Who knows, the next time we will be invited would be in the place called The Eternal City. Do you know that place?

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