34th pro-Lábrea charity dinner

The Saint Augustine School in Valladolid, Spain held the traditional solidarity dinner on June 7 in favor of the Esperanza Centers of Pauiní, Lábrea and Tapauá, cities in the state of Amazonas, Brazil. It was an event coordinated by the Pastoral Department.

More than 350 people from the Saint Augustine family attended the charity dinner and in which everyone contributed their grain of sand.

For three years now, the Saint Augustine School, run by the Augustinian Recollects, moved the Pro-Lábrea Solidarity Dinner to June for two reasons. The first to be able to take advantage of the good weather and have a family and festive day on the basketball courts. And the second to finish the course, both academic and pastoral, with a solidarity event for the entire Augustinian family.

With anticipation, enthusiasm and affection, the Pastoral Department called on families to participate in the 34th Solidarity Dinner in favor of the Esperanza Centers. It is an event in which many people are involved. In addition to the fact that the older students go through all the classes inviting their classmates to participate, this year, for the second consecutive year, a solidarity market has been organized. The Kindergarten and Primary students, during their recess the previous week, could stop by to buy bracelets, small objects and toys with which to collaborate in such a worthy and just cause.

The Spanish proverb “Man proposes and God disposes” became a reality on the day of the solidarity dinner. After a summer week with clear skies and leaden sun, meteorologists announced rain for the time of the event. The Pastoral Department, in order to stay healthy and be able to enjoy the event without last minute setbacks, transferred it to the school Church. It reminded some nostalgic and veterans of the massive dinner that was held there when José Luis Garayoa was kidnapped in Sierra Leone, which also had to be held in the Church due to space issues.

The dinner took place in a festive, supportive and fraternal atmosphere. It was an evening that was enlivened by the traditional raffle and a small final concert. The solidarity raffle, thanks to donations from individuals, families and companies related to the school, made everyone from the youngest to the oldest vibrate. No one is bothered by a sweet, a plant or a good ham if you go to a charity dinner and return home loaded with gifts.

The concert was performed by the musical group Los Licensed. It is a music group formed by school teachers that emerged at school parties to participate in the II OpenMic. They sang a very varied repertoire with which young people, teenagers over 30 years old, and children were excited. It was the culmination of a great night.

The little ones were also able to enjoy inflatables in the children’s playgrounds at all times. A luxury of the school to be able to have the little ones in the family entertained, playing and enjoying themselves in the sand yards while the elders exercise solidarity.

Finally, we must highlight the work of the small volunteers. Preparing the church, serving, picking up is not a pleasant task but it is essential. Thanks to everyone who generously contributed, the charity dinner was once again was a success.