Animation: Saint Rita, lawyer of impossible things. Augustinian Recollects. 2024.

The Province of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine presents a new animation in three chapters that collect the life of Rita of Cascia, one of the saints most loved by the People of God and whose life and testimony continue to represent an incredible force of love and dedication.

Through its YouTube channel, the Province of Saint Nicholas of Tolentine has just presented a new animated video in three chapters under the generic title of “Saint Rita, lawyer of the impossible.”

The script and the creation of the animation are by the Augustinian Recollect Fernando Martín, while six women from the Secular Augustinian-Recollect Fraternity and the Saint Rita Parish of Madrid (Spain) have given their voices to the characters. This is Jimena Pozo, María Josefa Rodríguez, Margarita Lobo, Ana Isabel de la Cruz, Fuensanta Linares and Teresa Sánchez Carazo.

The first chapter is 3:43 minutes long and is titled “The Dark Journey”; the second, of 3:27 minutes, is titled “Sores on the Forehead” and the third, of 3:55, is “In the Smell of Holiness”.

In all three, biographical information about the saint is presented first,  which opens the context for a subsequent dialogue of the animated characters. And they end with an important question, encouraging the viewer to reflect and make their conclusions.

Chapter 1: The Dark Journey

Thus, in the first chapter, Rita appears talking to a friend after having lost her entire family because of violence. She indicates her need to change hatred for love and violence for peace and she sees in religious life the fulfillment of a wish and the best destiny for the vital path that she has traveled up to that moment.

—How do you face the hard knocks of life? What do you rely on?

Chapter 2: Sores on the forehead

In the second chapter, Rita appears, already a nun, talking to the prioress of her monastery. In the conversation, they discuss how Rita experiences her union with the pain of Christ in favor of humanity and its salvation.

—What are you capable of doing for love?

Chapter 3: In the odor of holiness

In the third chapter, two nuns talk about Rita once she has already died, about the example of life that she has left them, and what her farewell to her community was like.

—What miracle are you going to ask Saint Rita for?.