TV Ceara visits the Santa Monica Home in Fortaleza. Augustinian Recollects. May 2024.

The daily news of the public broadcaster TV Ceará has a section, “Chain of the good”, where institutions and projects that seek a better society are presented. The Saint Monica Home has just been the protagonist of this space.

The “Chain of Good” section of the daily news program on TV Ceará highlighted the vital work carried out by the Saint Monica Home of the Augustinian Recollect Family in Fortaleza, which welcomes girls who have been victims of violence, providing them with a safe environment and welcoming for their psychological and social recovery.

It provides shelter and promotes well-being and hope for girls who have gone through very difficult times.

The Saint Monica Home is an inspiring example of solidarity and care in Fortaleza, where it was installed in 2007. The girls who live here go through a delicate moment in their lives. They are victims of sexual violence, a situation that many times occurs within their own homes.

The Home is cozy, it seems like a quiet place, and it is the first place where you begin to build a new path. Whether they get here depends on the judicial order, that is, it is a decision of the Court for Children and Adolescents or of any other judicial instance.

Once at Saint Monica Home, your stay ends in several ways: it can be that the Court decides that they return to the house of a relative or even to the home of origin, or it may be that the Court decides you to adopt by another family.

If you stay until you turn 18, you will, in any case, leave with a formal job and with all your future guaranteed. The idea is there is only one way out of here: a much better future.

The beneficiaries, between 7 and 18 years old, study, play and follow a strategy of overcoming. The psychologist and coordinator of the Saint Monica Home, Luiza Aparecida Dias explains that this welcome includes many initiatives:

“When they arrive at the Saint Monica Home, the objective is for the beneficiaries to have guaranteed all their rights, as well as reduced damages and risks, because they were in a previous situation of vulnerability, and abandonment… The reception means recovering all the rights that, as citizens and as minors, have”.

The capacity of Saint Monica Homew is for 30 girls. The professionals who help the beneficiaries in the comprehensive care programs have the support of the Augustinian-Recollect Family.

Hygiene supplies, cleaning supplies, clothing, and financial resources can reinforce this service of the philanthropic institution to the beneficiaries. There are many ways to help. One of them is direct economic aid, which can be evident from different ways:

  • Fast and free transference through the PIX Brazilian system (the user is the CNPJ of the Santa Monica Home): 08.960.433/0001-09
  • Banco Itaú, Branch 8527, Current Account 01528-6
  • Banco Bradesco, Branch 2608-5, Current Account 26879-8

For those who want to donate their time, it is possible to volunteer. In the “chain of good,” each initiative makes a difference:

“It is the current of good, with the importance of doing good without looking at who; you can volunteer by registering at the Juvenile Court or coming to the Saint Monica Home, telling us what your availability is. We will forward that request to judicial power to have the support of new volunteers.

Several of them already work putting their gifts and knowledge at the service, for example, with various dance, karate, and yoga workshops… All of this is a great help for the development of girls.

People can apply to be placed on the adoption list; or be ‘godparents of provision of services’, volunteers in various areas who offer their knowledge and attention; or be ‘economic sponsors’, adopting either the institution as a whole or one of the girls specifically.”

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