Academic and professional orientation day 2024. Saint Augustine High School. Valladolid, Spain. March 2024.

The educational centers of the Augustinian Recollects look after the present with an integrative look towards the future: you grow by learning and also deciding about the life you want. The orientation days, among other activities, have that purpose.

The Saint Augustine College of the Augustinian Recollects in Valladolid (Spain) held last Friday, March 1, an academic and professional orientation day aimed at students in the 4th year of Secondary Education and 1st and 2nd years of Baccalaureate.

The objective was to guide and motivate students in the face of the important decisions they will soon have to make. In the changes of stage they must choose the profile of their studies, which are already differentiated according to the branches of knowledge; and the type of work occupation they feel can turn their professional life into a space for personal fulfillment and, therefore, a happier and more stable life.

The Alumni Association of Saint Augustine College (ALARVA) participated in the celebration of this day. Those who have been through the classrooms for years know very well the questions and doubts of each student. Through various informative talks they provide a very enriching vision to today’s students.

This collaboration developed with extraordinary enthusiasm. Several higher academic entities and various professionals came to the Saint Augustine College to offer their educational programs or share their knowledge and experiences.

It was a space for learning and valuable discoveries for the students. The talks, which the speakers prepare with great care and effort, usually leave more questions than answers, since they open up new unexplored worlds and possibilities that the students had not previously imagined; but, at the same time, they put order to those questions and help to make the first decisions with greater security and without anxiety.

The School’s Guidance Department has the most important day on its agenda today. Every detail of the day contributed to the creation of an offer environment without noise, without complications and without generating worries, but rather a climate of advice and active listening.

The highlight was the inspiring lecture by David García, Lieutenant Commander of the Spanish Navy. He left a message of perseverance, dedication and passion to achieve personal and professional goals.

The importance of academic and professional guidance as part of comprehensive education makes it an almost daily task: on the one hand, with relevant information and personal advice; and, on the other hand, being a source of inspiration and motivation as adults, which can result in young people seeing their future with greater clarity and confidence.