Reminder of taking the habit of Brother Mauricio Ying.

Yucheng was one of the sub-prefectures of the Shangqiu mission. To its evangelization, several Augustinian Recollects from recognized apostolic zeal and holiness contributed with time and energy; such as the venerable Mariano Gazpio, Venancio Martínez, and José Shan. In this town, Brother Mauricio Ying (1926-1984) was born whose life a few brushstrokes are offered.

The print represents a strange Saint Augustine with a short, recollected habit. In his hands the pen and the heart shine, according to the motto so common in the last century: Scientia et Caritas (Science and Charity). They remain relegated, although in the hands of angels, the episcopal insignia: miter and crosier. And, as he directs his gaze from him to heaven, at his feet and with a gesture that could be either rejection or appeal, the heretics fought by him: Manes, Donatus, Pelagius…

It is a print with a double mark of origin: the Augustinian one, with the shield of the Order in the lower left corner; and the printing series, on the other side. and, in the middle, the identification of the Saint on a foot would be incorrect in both English, French, and Spanish.

It was what they had on hand in Kweiteh/Shangqiu in 1943, when as a reminder, writing on the back:

Jesus, Mary, Joseph. In memory of the taking of the habit of the Order of Recollects of St. Augustine, in the Church of the Most Holy Heart of Jesus, Kweiteh-Honan, 7 July 1943. Fray Mauricio Ying of the Holy Family. “To the Greater Glory of God.

The fact of writing in Latin leads us to rule out that the reminder is addressed to the blood family of the interested party, who did not understand Latin. It is a message transmitted to the brothers of the Province and the Order, whose habit Mauricio begins to wear, who at that time he was 17 years old since he had been born in the neighboring town of Yucheng in 1926.

One year and one day after wearing the habit, he will be admitted to the simple profession, and three years later, on July 8, 1947, he will make his solemn profession, always in the Kweiteh/Shangqiu house.

Once professed, and already 22 years old, he will begin the study of theology in Hong Kong (from September 1948). Study that he will continue in Marcilla (Navarra, Spain), where he arrived on December 20, 1949. Among a total of 820 ordinands, together with his companions Pedro Tung and Felipe Liu, Mauricio will be ordained priest at the XXXV International Eucharistic Congress of Barcelona, on May 31, 1952.

On a human level, the rest of this religious man’s life is unfortunate. He will be the only Chinese who does not leave Spain. By 1955, when there are no foreign missionaries in China and the native Recollects there are being swallowed up due to the voracity of the Maoist regime, serious symptoms of the imbalance that leads his superiors to admit him to the Psychiatric Hospital of Ciempozuelos (Madrid).

There he will be hospitalized for years and his entire life will remain linked to that center. His life, with some temporary parentheses. At the beginning of the 80s, he will glimpse the dawn of Shangqiú’s mission reborn, but life will not allow him to contact his people, much less return. In the middle of the Christmas holidays, on 29 December 1984, he died in Madrid, struck down by a heart attack. He was 58 years old; he had been outside China for 35 years.