DENYP 2024 at the San Agustín school in Valladolid

On January 30, the Saint Augustine School of Valladolid, of the Augustinian Recollects, celebrated the “Day of Non-Violence and Peace” -DENYP- with the participation of the students, seeking solidarity commitment and ecological awareness.

This year the Day of Non-Violence and Peace was celebrated at the School with a set of actions, fusion of ecology and twinning, as a respectful way of relating to the environment where music could not be missed, which on this occasion has been the representation as a dance of the world of our motto song of the year established by the government of the Order of Augustinian Recollects: “Do you aspire big? Start small.”

The main activity that was carried out was attendance and participation in the “fair of the tree”, which was a delimited space in the school courtyard, in which each class attended at an established time in groups of two hundred students, twinned together. the older classes, who went to pick up the younger ones to their classes and accompanied the “fairgrounds” to carry out four planned activities previously, the main one being the planting of trees on the edge of the new paved area.

Planting trees is also a good metaphor for the motto of this course: “Are you aiming big? Start small”, knowing that those beautiful little trees will one day become the majestic trees that will adorn the patio of the school.

The thirty trees are two varieties of “Prunus”. There are twenty “Prunus Pisardi”, which It is a variety of ornamental red plum. It is very leafy and its crown is rounded, very decorative for its leaves and flowers. And the other ten are “Prunus Serrulata Kanzan”, commonly called Japanese cherry flower and which is a species of cherry tree originating from Japan, Korea and China. It is used as an ornamental for its spring flowering.

Before the plantation, the students gathered in the fair area, where they decorated the twinning cards on small pieces of reused wood that we left identifying memories around the planted trees.

Exciting was the moment of planting the trees. Previously, in a ditch prepared, Roberto Aláez and Raúl Gómez, like good specialists, indicated how, where and in what way the small and beloved plants should be planted, protected and watered jewels, into which the students wanted to inject the strength and vitality that only they will acquire over the years. With your care you will see those that one day were planted with so much excitement and excitement. Patience!

From this area we went to the soccer field, where, under the orders of Jesús Garrote, they performed The Dance of the World based on the motto song. Some groups got better than others, but everyone made an effort to demonstrate their good work and their enthusiasm to round out a beautiful staging that was most visual and harmonic.

Professor José Antonio Herranz is the author of a beautiful combination of art and nature, uniting the beauty of music with the greatness of creation and planting of the trees; Jesus has managed to configure a beautiful plastic melody; Miguel Asensio has been the designer of the striking drawing that all of them have had to color the classes. We must thank all of these for their work and, in general, all the children and teachers who have collaborated so that this day is firmly embedded in the memory of everyone and never forget.

Of this celebration, not only the dances and songs remain, ephemeral and fleeting, but the trees planted on the ring road of the Saint Augustine School, which will last for years and years.