Prevention, educational element.

The educational center of the Augustinian Recollects in Valladolid (Spain) offers its students and teachers diverse spaces of knowledge that allow preventing varied risk situations, such as chemical dependencies or allergies.

“It’s better to prevent than to cure”. This maxim that popular wisdom maintains is very good application in the world of teaching and learning. Save disappointments, problems and risks is of special caliber when it comes to growing integrally as people.

Therefore, outside the usual activities of class programming and academic curriculum, the Saint Augustine College of the Augustinian Recollects in Valladolid offers other complementary activities with information that may represent the difference between success and failure.

Third year Compulsory Secondary School students (14-15 years old) They received the National Police to discuss and better understand the problems caused by alcohol and drug use.

With data, real testimonies and advice, everyone became aware of the problems that these consumptions entail, which are magnified the earlier is the age of the consumer. Each statistical data was no longer a simple number with the shocking images that showed the true face of the chemical dependencies.

Physical health, mental health, social relationships or self-esteem are direct victims consequences of the lack of self-control and the consumption that is often accesses simply due to social pressure from the environment or because they do not have all the information about what someone actually puts in their body.

The students participated very actively, asking questions and offering their own reflections. The importance of seeking help if necessary was also necessary emphasized.

The participants left the event with greater awareness about the risks to which they face, more reflective about the consequences of these dependencies and more determined to take care of your long-term well-being.

The talk attempted to dismantle the usual way in which the youngest perceive the consumption of alcohol and drugs, considered “normal” customs in the leisure, which help to have a more uncomplicated or fun vision, but hiding the true dimensions of its consequences in the short, medium and long term.

Action against allergies

The College’s teaching staff, for their part, received in the first days of 2024 detailed information about allergies, including how to prevent cases that may occur and what to do when they are detected.

This prevention workshop has been given with the collaboration of ABLAA (Association Based on the Fight of Food Allergies) of Valladolid, one of whose allergists was responsible for teaching the workshop and solving doubts and questions from the participants.