Integral education. San Agustin's School. Augustinian Recollects. Valladolid. Spain.

The integral education of the educational centers of the Augustinian Recollects also took place outside of the classrooms. The students of 1º and 4º of Elementary (12 and 16 years old respectively) no need to go outside of Castilla y León for large cultural centers and artists.

Part of the learning process for alumni of the Augustinian Recollect educational centers It doesn’t take place in the classrooms. On the contrary, going out can be converted into a space and time privileged for new learning, away of the habitual context and out of everyday schedule.

These journeys are organized as meetings, in which the group shares routes, meals, walks, visits and experiences. The same group can be transferred to an own educational space, because there are more opportunities for dialogue, better understanding and know a new challenges in the form of gymkhana or visits to monuments.

On Tuesday, October 3, 136 students of 1º ESO enjoyed a day of sharing that took place in the nearby city of Palencia (80,000 inhabitants, 51.5 kilometers of travel from Valladolid).

Castilla y León is a region that offers enormous cultural and artistic potential for those who young people learn. In Palencia we visit the cathedral, popularly called ‘ The Unknown Beauty” and in the Plaza of the Immaculate discovered the monument in honor of the Teacher and games took place and which were chosen by the chaperones.

On Calle Mayor there is a scene that consists of each group meeting and photographing different buildings of interest of the Palencia capital town. And t the Park’s room it took place the meal and a break to rest before heading back to Valladolid.

The elder students had the opportunity to see the city of Salamanca (122 kilometers of distance from Valladolid, 144,000 inhabitants), and the university city per excellence.

They visited the Plaza Mayor, always crowded with people; the Palacio Anaya and the Casa de las Conchas, the statue of Frater Luis de León, the port of the University where it is located is the famous frog, and according to the tradition, the student that does not see it, it doesn’t advance!

They also visited the Ieronimus Tower with the snail stairs type and visited special spaces of the Castellan culture as the Orchard of Calixto and Melibea or The bull of the Lazarillo.

After the long journeys, the evaluation of professors and alumni cannot be more positive: out of the classrooms and the patios of the school, also teach.