Vocational and contact information to follow possible processes of discernment and vocational accompaniment within the Augustinian Recollect Family.

In a world that is constantly changing, in which a blatant individualism is mixed with a revolution in social relationships, the certainty remains that in the depths of the heart of each and every person dwell great concerns about the meaning of life, the limitations of freedom as well as its possibilities, the existence of God, the whys and wherefores of death and suffering, co-existence between cultures, social tensions, evil and indiscriminate violence.

Throughout history, very ordinary people who have nevertheless been open to spiritual values and alert to the voice of a God who speaks to them in the depths of their hearts, have sought to understand these great questions.

Life is a constant flow of questions, queries, searches, and uncertainties. And that’s fine.

Subsequently, on finding an answer and entering into a dialogue with God about still further questions, the dedicated all their being and all their efforts to the service of God and of the society of their time. For the response they found was in a commitment to the love of God in opposition to the inhumanity in the behaviour of so many people.

Within the Catholic Church there have been many people who have been profoundly serious in following Jesus of Nazareth as the most beautiful and happy way of human life, as a joyful vocation with a sense of the future.

Some of them became masters of life for others, and thereby religious families and congregations came into being. St Augustine is one of these masters, and his legacy is still valid because from the 4th Century through to our days it has been a living force. The Augustinian Recollects came into being at the end of the 16th Century precisely to put into practice the way of life put forward by Augustine.

St Augustine of Hippo. Painting by Iván López in St Augustine Formation House of the Augustinian Recollects in Las Rozas (Madrid, Spain)

We invite you to know us better and to understand our charism, motivations, and what life offers. We invite you to walk with us so that, consciously and responsibly and in complete freedom, you may accept and make a firm option for a plan in your life that directs you towards a meeting with Jesus.

This is no more than a few facts, some words and images, of greater or lesser importance, but which can describe what we are. For you, however, the time has come for entering into a dialogue with yourself, with God, and with others, seeking to make out what it is that God asks of you.

In this process, beyond these paragraphs, bear in mind that we are available to help if you want to talk, make known your feelings and resolve any doubts, because a human interaction, close at hand and open, a look and a welcome, can never be replaced by anything on the web.

In our communities you will always find someone prepared to listen to you, receive you, and resolve your vocational doubts and queries. In the community you can ask for the local vocations guide.

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