Augustine of Hippo is our founder and the father of an extensive Religious Family that follows his Rule, his teachings and his way of life. In these pages we approach his biography, his sensitivity, his way of life and his proposals to men and women of all times.

Fortunately, God is great and always watches over his own. Not all my Augustinians were so conformist. Many had a strong, thriving heart: they were not content with leading a comfortable and routine life, they eagerly sought perfect sanctity. Little by little they jumped into the ring, first one, then another; swept along by their example, they were joined by many others, the dissatisfied, the spirited. And centers of renewal and reform were born throughout the fifteenth century. They strengthened ties among themselves and formed a body: they were called “Congregations of the Observance.”

They observed the rule and constitutions rigorously, to the letter, without exceptions or compromises. They lived with an austerity that called attention. In them, religious life was what it has always wanted to be: denunciation and testimony, a hook for those who wanted to closely follow the meek and humble Lord. His way of life was enriched by extreme poverty, by intense and continuous prayer, by the ardent apostolate that drew the masses.

They were great men cut to the measure of my heart: Juan de Sahagún, Juan Stone, Thomas of Villanova, Tomé of Jesús… and many other saints. These congregations grew, they served as leaven for the whole mass. Over time, entire provinces and nations were absorbed into the Congregations of the Observance. Seeing these groups of aspirants for the perfect life grow in size and encouragement filled me with satisfaction and pride. Again I recognized myself in my children: I recognized in them the intense fire that has always devoured Augustine’s heart.

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