Augustine of Hippo is our founder and the father of an extensive Religious Family that follows his Rule, his teachings and his way of life. In these pages we approach his biography, his sensitivity, his way of life and his proposals to men and women of all times.

Dear friends:

My name is Aurelio Augustine, although perhaps “Saint Augustine” sounds more familiar to you. But let’s put the titles aside to get to know each other better. I am writing this letter to tell you about my life and that of those who have wanted to live like me. Being a companion and friend of Christ is worthwhile and unites us with one another. Being by his side, we will not lack difficulties in life, as I had, but deep down there is a joy that is only known if it is experienced. For my part, I have never regretted having chosen it and having dedicated almost my entire life to it. Furthermore, I would like many to participate in the myriad of wonderful things that are found with Jesus Christ. That’s why I write to you.

I was born on November 13, 354 in a city in present-day Algeria. It was called Tagaste and it was an important communication hub. Since there was no industry at that time, people lived by working in small workshops, or by working in the fields. Tagaste was famous for its oil and its wheat.

Agustín niño. Santiago Bellido, lámina. Valladolid, 1999.
Augustine child. Santiago Bellido, plate. Valladolid, Spain, 1999.

My family was middle class. Patricio, my father, had the position of councilor, which then meant more expenses than profits, because the councilors had to pay for the parties. My mother’s name was Monica. She was an extraordinary woman. Everyone said it and the Church has recognized it that way, by giving her the title of saint. The two formed an exemplary marriage. My mother’s friends were amazed that my father did not treat her badly or hit her, which husbands did very often. I was not an only child; I had a brother named Navigio, who died young, and a sister, who would eventually found a nunnery in the city where I was bishop.

My childhood was normal, like that of the other children of Tagaste. I went to school and there I was very scared. I was punished frequently, because I loved to play, and also I always wanted to win. What annoyed me the most was that the older people laughed at me.

I was quite religious. My mother had taught me to pray, and I liked to do it. I remember that, when I was about six years old, I was about to die from a quite rare disease, and I kept asking to be baptized; because then it was customary to baptize when older. In fact, I got better and they didn’t baptize me anymore; they left it for later.

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